English Report, ENSPG - 2A
Il s'agit de mon rapport écrit en anglais pour la validation de mon année. Attention! je me décharge de toute responsabilité quant à la qualité de la langue anglaise écrite, le travail a été corrigé en partie seulement...
:: The Open Source model
Abstract The term « Open Source » stands for a unique way of developing software. It implies four criteria regarding the software: its ability to use, study and/or adapt, redistribute and improve it. The Open Source software presents actually different interests such as: reliability, performance, security and cost savings. Attracting more audience, several licensing mechanisms and business plans have proven the economical viability of the Open Source model. The stakes of the Open Source movement are not totally confined in the software industry, the footprints on the choices of society development are real, regarding to patenting system and innovation, notably.